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Helyn Davenport Accomplished fine art photographer and Florida native, Ms Helyn Broadhurst Harbaugh Davenport, expands on her 35 years of award winning photography to include digital manipulation of her work.  Combining years of dedication to promoting the industry, the appreciation of the arts, and leadership to art-related societies, Helyn delves into the virtual world of the Internet.  Helyn is a member of the International Association of Digital Fine Art Printers, in addition to owning, operating and marketing PixiPort on a daily basis.

Known for her solid marketing ability and knowledge, Helyn majored in psychology and business at St. Petersburg College. Helyn's work has evolved from her journey through self-discovery and her gift of visual expression of the journey is apparent in every piece.  She is the granddaughter of 30's & 40's jazz composer and band leader Blue Steele and dance director/instructor Helyn Webster Harbaugh Broadhurst. (Gertrude Elizibeth Harbaugh-George Belt Broadhurst (Yost Harbaugh) With this artistic heritage together with a diversified background that have included Television Production, Marketing and Counseling.  Helyn's work has been featured in numerous galleries, winning competitions for her photographic work. Helyn and her work have been and are regularily featured in many leading photo and artistic publications including e Digital Magazine.

Helyn received the award and was recognized by "INPA" with the "Honorary Fellowship" in recognition of her outstanding photographic achievement and her outstanding website "PixiPort" in 2001. Helyn was one of only three photographic artists to be recognized with this highly coveted honor.

She serves again this year as a member of the Photography Jury for the Master of 2003 - 2006 Annual Art Award on Barbara Tampieri BTDesign Art Gallery and once again serves as a judge for 2004.( http://digilander.libero.it/barbaratampieri/)

  In order to develop one's own style, it is important to have the courage to think freely, expressively and inventively."  Helyn Davenport

Helyn's framed artwork can be rented for exhibitions/fundrasiings etc. e-mail sales@pixiport.com for information.

Digital'05: EXQUISITE Helyn Davenport's 3 images Demure, Dance of Hibiscus and Pink Lady will be on display. ASCI's 7th International Digital Print Exhibition October 1 - January 15 New York Hall of Science Reception: Oct.2, 2-5pm The New York Hall of Science 47-01 111th Street Flushing Meadows-Corona Park Queens, NYC 11368 This year's exhibition, will examine what artists and scientists would like to show us about the nature of the exquisite in all of its ramifications.More Information


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PixiPort, a "Portal To The Arts" is an THE online venue for the marketing of fine art photography and its artists, showcasing their works. PixiPort offers educational and informational opportunities in art photography to the public.

This "Portal To The Arts" is facilitated through the web site, www.pixiport.com with the cooperation of many leading professional photographic artists under the marketing and direction of Helyn Davenport, an award winning, INPA Honorary Fellow, photographic artist, who's work is a mainstay on the site.

Each month different international photographic artists are showcased. The site is available in twenty different languages, offering true international access. Various styles of art in photography are featured.

"PixiPort's Lightroom" and "Catapillar Portal" are technical, educational photography forums on the site updated each month. It is written and edited by top international photography experts and deals with the new technologies available together with traditional standards. These forums offers educational resources and tips to photographers wishing to learn and enhance their own skills.

PixiPort is pleased to be working with a high school photography art class from Berkmar High School in Lilburn, Georgia, USA under the direction and leadership of Roberta Kern Schacher. Several PixiPort artists photos were selected by Ms Schacher to participate in this educational project. They include Misha Gordin, David Mendelsohn, Jeff Alu, Bob Snell, Judy Mandolf, Helyn Davenport, Paul Biddle, Lucio Vlerio Pini, Ben Arieh, Shirley Cross, Subir Chatterjee, Carol Tipping, Rene Asmussen, and Ayhan Duman.

"Art Site News", a mainstay feature, is updated daily with international art related news. Our own local community news. In addition the events' listing "A Call To Artists" offers an advance listing of upcoming exhibitions, events and other artist opportunities. Pixiport also publishes a bi-monthly newsletter which comes out on the first and the fifteenth of each month. Click here to subscribe

Several popular educational features appear each month topics covered are about photography art related subject matter, written by several informed writers concerning photography and art. The nature of their material will vary. These writers express considerable knowledge and insight in addition to being the best in their field. They convey their insights and passions along with sharing their knowledge and expertise with the public.

Topics include information on both the techniques and emotions available in photographic art that can be utilized by aspiring and experienced artists alike.

A very popular and informative portal is "The Quill in Focus" Included in this portal is "CloseUp with Carol Tipping" a very popular feature, offering one on one interviews with the various photographers featured on PixiPort. "The Voice Behind The Lens", which is the very creative written contribution of photographer Michael Dubiner expressing how photography plays a role in our daily lives. This series is updated regularily featuring topics relative to the art of photography.

Photo Board International a division of PixiPort is a photographer's stock photography portal.

Showcasing and marketing the work by "Fine Art Photographers" to the eyes of the general public, for appreciation and education through this continuing online exhibition is our ongoing task. In October, 2002, by invitation the works of several leading international photographic artists from the Pixiport site, were brought together in a real time exhibition in Deland, Florida, USA, titled "Photography: Art In Focus" creating a further"Portal To The Arts". This same international showcase, Art in Focus", 2004 is being developed for a Florida location and date yet to be announced. Details will be available by the summer 2004.

In recent years several new features have become a part of PixiPort. They include the Fine Art Auction with selected artists and the one of a kind photograph gallery created exclusively for Pixiport by Pixiport's fine art photographers. One of the most exciting alliances that Pixiport is part of is with "Tryst" an ezine geared to the artists and writers. It is published and edited by Mia. She now provides exclusive interviews with artists and reviews art for Pixiport.

Pixiport continues to enhance itself as a marketing venue for the arts and strives to improve daily. The bi-monthly newsletter, "The PixiPorter", is one of the means which Pixiport endeavors to meet this challenge. "The PixiPorter" offers exclusive interviews with artists and features the works of selected artists each edition.

A recent new feature currently available is the fine art slide show series by Helyn. The first two of these CD's are FloralEtricity which features 91 of Helyn's abstract floral images on a CD accompanied by the music of world acclaimed musical artist Bruno Sanfilippo. The second slide show CD is titled SurrealEtricity featuring over 190 of Helyn's surreal images also accompanied by Bruno Sanfilippo's Suite Patagonia.



Helyn may be contacted by email Helyn@pixiport.com or by telephone @ 727-434-0350

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