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Helyn Davenport and Bruno Sanfilippo Slide Show CD-ROM'S - Mario Pischedda and Machina Amniotica Slide Show CD-Rom
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Helyn Davenport

Helyn's art: be it a standard or a digital camera, a digital image software or her darkroom, the results are equally unique, fascinating and her own. Not bound by her experience or knowledge, she captures her subjects as if they were butterflies - not disecting, not analyzing, but capturing the flight and the beauty. George Bradford 2003

This CD has 91 of Helyn's abstract flowers.
Music by Bruno Sanfilippo - Suite Patagonia

"Rewarding photography comes from building on existing styles rather that repeating them. In order to develop ones own style, it is important to have the courage to think freely, expressively and inventively."
Helyn Davenport

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Helyn Davenport's surreal art slideshow with 191 photos.
Music by Bruno Sanfilippo - Suite Patagonia

A Psychology and Business major from St. Petersburg College in St. Petersburg, Florida, Helyn's work has evolved from her journey through self-discovery and her gift of visual expression to one of today's most widely acclaimed photographic artists. Each of her art pieces express her individuality and artistic talents. With a diversified background that has included Television Production, Marketing and Counseling. Helyn's work has been featured in numerous publications and galleries, winning competitions for her photographic work, has been very rewarding and has enabled Helyn to make numerous contacts around the world.

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Art Photographer





FloralEtricity and SurrealEtricity CD's

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Mystery, intrigue, and otherworldy characteristics...these are just some of the terms we can use to describe the nature of Helyn Davenport's portfolio. Helyn has been producing award-winning, traditional images for over 25 years and during the past several years, she has moved her work into the digital realm of the medium.

The majority of the images you will see within Helyn's portfolio will definitely be unlike any others you have observed in the past. The combination of traditional photography and Helyn's masterful implementation of pixel manipulation (digital art) create harmonious balance within her works. Profotos

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Fine Art Photography



""photos visit me"

Fine Art photographer Mario Pischedda creative images with music by Machina Amniotica -Daniele Ricciu Saxophonist is a unique look at Mario's work along with some of the best in music! Avantguard and electronic sounds are incredilbe. 135 fine art photos.
Music by "Machina Amniotica -Daniele Ricciu Saxophonist "

Inscape in the Poetry of Mackay Brown
Mario Pischedda
Sì quello che vorrei non è quello che è
Vorrei vorrei scrivere alla George Mackay Brown
Raccontare anch’io di mari in burrasca
E di visi solcati dalle rughe e dalla salsedine
Ed invece questo non sarà mai
La vita mia è più modesta
Non posso evocare gli eroi che non ci sono
L’epica appartiene al passato
Io vivo incollato alla sedia
Attaccato al computer
A scrivere questa persistenza della monotonia
Questo non mi darà lustro
Né diventerò ricordo indelebile della comunità locale
Ho solo questa mediocrità familiare come valore da sbandierare
Il resto è solo immaginazione che diventa sempre più scarna
Che impoverisce ogni giorno
Io comunque non mi allontano dal mio scranno
E continuo imperterrito il supplizio della scrittura uguale a sé
Un paesaggio interiore scarnificato
Privo di spume sibilanti hissing spume
O drifts of rain raffiche di pioggia…
Rough translation:
one harp-song
Inscape in the poetry of Mackay Brown
Yea, what I would want it is not what it is
I would want I would want to write like George Mackay Brown
to tell me too of seas in squall
and faces plowed from the wrinkless and the saltiness
and instead that it will not be never
my life is more modest
I can't evoke the heroes nonexistents
epics belongs to the past
I live glued to the chair
attacked to the computer
writing this persistence of monotony
that will not give reputation to me
neither I will become eternal memory of the local community
I've only this familiar mediocrity to flaunt
the rest is only imagination that becomes always poorer
that impoverish every day
anyway I don't go away from my seat
and I continue imperturbable the torture of writing the same things
inscape eroded desert
without hissing spume or drifts of rain...
© Mario Pischedda 2003

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Art Photographer



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