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Greg Summers

The Gardener

Who planted the trees along the river
a thousand miles from here
who tends and shapes and waters them
while I sleep through summer and winter.
They grow straight and tall,
as if some hand had reached and cupped the seedlings
when cold wind drove snow
too hard for them to live.

Who grows these masterpieces that put
my tiny garden in shadow
who prunes their branches with heavy springs of snow.
They stand like warriors to remind me
my battles are smaller
than I think.

By Greg Summers

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The Gardner
By Greg Summers
Item Nr: GG08-01

I am a tulip
red and pink
my strong green stem
filled with juice
hold my leaves.
Between your fingers
hold my head
bend to take my fragrance

Last night I stood in your garden
and drank rain while you slept.
In the darkness
I let the liquid
wash over me.

This morning I feel clean
and alive
and glad to be
a tulip
in your garden.

By Greg Summers

The Tulip
By Greg Summers
Item Nr: GG08-02
Your Lawn

I am your grass
come lie upon my softness
I grow for you
you feed and nourish me
I love the weight of
your sleeping body.

Bring your eyes to my blades
smell my green, my life
and look between my lashes
to the stream of little life
invisible to you
with business on your mind.

I am the carpet
of your living room of summer
I welcome you home each night.
Do you think of me
when you step on me
please do, I am alive.

By Greg Summers

Your Lawn
By Greg Summers
Item Nr: GG08-03
Cotton Wood

I am a cottonwood.
In this river bed
I have lived before your grandfather
walked these fields.

In winds strong
in rains cold and wet
through snow storms
that would break my branches
I stand for you
as a reminder
of changeless beauty.

To you, I am an invisible
part of the scenery
as you rush by to a destination
not as peaceful as the shade I offer.

So it has been since
the first black motor car
dragged people across the country
in search of promises
though no one kept their promises
as I did.

By Greg Summers

Cotton Wood
By Greg Summers
Item Nr: GG08-04

In the middle of your lawn
and yellow
you hate me
and I am beautiful
You kill me
and I am fragrant

If you would bend down
and take my yellow
flower to your nose
you'd learn I'm not
as dangerous as you've been told

Your father told you
I was ugly
but I am as colorful as the rose

In your lawn
my seeds have found a home
I offer a blaze of yellow
in a square of green

I offer what I am
that you might see my beauty
what I have been defined.

By Greg Summers

By Greg Summers
Item Nr: GG08-05
No Less Pure

All my petty grievances
stand before you judge and jury
at last I allow your invitation
put my body in your arms
and fall asleep again
and find those dreams of peace
as if you were as innocent
as the God I pray to
no less visible
no less pure.

By Greg Summers

No Less Pure
By Greg Summers
Item Nr: GG08-06
Please Watch

New Thoughts and Words,

Will shortly appear.

Item Nr: GG08-07
Please Watch

New Thoughts and Words,

Will shortly appear.

Item Nr: GG08-08
Please Watch

New Thoughts and Words,

Will shortly appear.

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