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Greg Summers

poems Secrets

poetsFather, I forgive you, though there's nothing to forgive.
You did your best when mother died.
I know your pain, and how it might have been
I need to offer my forgiveness once again.

When I was younger, just a boy, your little son
you couldn't face the truth you saw.
Mothers face radiated from my eyes
you must have seen too much.
Too much of her. You had to turn away,

poetsWhy did she die? Like you, I've asked.
Why did she have to leave
our love and lives in bloom?

You hid in anger at the loss
and seemed to turn away from God.
How could He let this gentle woman slip away?
How could He take her love from us?

I've learned your anger and fear of loss
I've learned to hate to be alone,

poemsI'm learning, just beginning, once again
to see Mama never left.

I hold her picture to a mirror
and trace a line, her eye to mine.
She's reborn in me
in you, she's still alive.

I cannot live my anger any longer
you're the man who loved my mother.
You gave me life. Death too is life.
Now, she whispers secrets in my ear.

poetsReddish Glow

poetsShe feels like sugar tastes
she smells of roses
hot woman sweat
her scent
what summer nights live for.

Surrender ignites
flies over doubt
pours one heart into another
the light bulb dims.
Too much of her. You had to turn away,

Why I sail the sidewalk
thoughts of waiting sheets
her skin too electric to touch
too eager to avoid

You hid flies over doubt
pours one heart into another
the light bulb dims.
Too much of her. You had to turn away,


poetsThe Hunter

poets I think, my dear
we're more interested
in the hunt than
the final capture,
turned on more
by the rush of the high
than the peace
apart from rapture.

I think, like me
you'll stalk when the game
runs fast and free,
feel a cage
surrounds you
when the bounty
stops to see.


I think
we run too fast
miss the peaceful prey,
look for adventure's
both night and day.

We raise our hearts
to romance
and pretty flames
and find relaxing boring
when there's
another exciting game.

poetryFull Moon Dance

poets Full moon to full moon,
did we have the process down?
We clutched our illusions
as the end was quick around.

We had a made up love
no reality check.
First the sugar coated acceptance,
then a snap speed reject.

poetsI Should Feel the pain
and sometimes I really do
now this seems another bout
with the full moon lovesick flu.


I am the rain
pour down water
I am water
I am your life
I am the storm
deny me if you will
but I will come
and fill your rivers
and wash your gardens clean

I'll leave you dry
to wither and wait for the dream
you thought would never come

I say out loud don't fight me
this storm you cannot fight
or turn aside or build against
when I run wild, you must give in
you will live when I feed
your hungry roots


lie down
in my green pastures
and pray all the words you won't believe
to a god who can't exist
and watch the fields you planted wash away
and grow with heavy harvest
and bear your fruit
see the setting sun
on this and every day

until I take your breath
which is mine to give
and take
yours to take and give
as if you were a part of me
and I a part of you whether or not you believe
or cry at heaven's door
in that last moment
say with a large voice
how you wished it had been different

and know full
you only had the truth to speak
and made your mistakes,
I will wash your face and dusty feet
until you learn forgiveness
is the only flood
you'll ever fall beneath

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