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Bruno Sanfilippo

I was born on September the 13th, 1965 in San Isidro, at the skirts of Buenos Aires. My father was Italian, from the Mediterranean Sea and my mother an Argentinean mate drinker. My interest in music became clear since I was very little. There was a "Pleyel" piano leaned against the wall at home. I used to spend hours playing it, However, I also used to play with the piano rotary chair as driving a truck. Since I was seven till I was eleven I had different piano professors, ladies with sumptuous haircuts. One of them disliked me improvising on the piano in my spare time, but I always deceived her. I just like improvising.

My parents gave me "Siel" organ that was placed against another wall of the living room. It was a rudimentary model, but this fact did not impel my playing it at all times.


Helyn Davenport

Helyn's art: be it a standard or a digital camera, a digital image software or her darkroom, the results are equally unique, fascinating and her own. Not bound by her experience or knowledge, she captures her subjects as if they were butterflies - not disecting, not analyzing, but capturing the flight and the beauty. George Bradford 2003

This CD has 91 of Helyn's abstract flowers.
Music by Bruno Sanfilippo - Suite Patagonia

"Rewarding photography comes from building on existing styles rather that repeating them. In order to develop ones own style, it is important to have the courage to think freely, expressively and inventively."
Helyn Davenport

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Art Photographer

When I got to my 20´s, I wanted to improve my technique on the piano and my pentagram reading.

Old Beltrán, from the neighbourhood´s music shop, introduced me Patricio Migliazzo. He was seven years older than I tall, with long half-grey hair and was to become my teacher and, already, an audacious experimental composer.

I studied piano for three more years With Migliazzo. He prepared me for the final exam to get my degree as a Music Superior Professor from the Galvani Conservatory, at San Telmo’s port neighbourhood, Buenos Aires Where I could not avert Solfeggios and playing a bit nervous a Clementi´s sonata at the piano’s hall room. My professors prized it with a piece of cartoon on December the 18th of 1988.

I also took guitar classes with another long hairy, skinny, and very cool gay, Mario Nielsen. He taught me what I was interested at: instruments basic aspects, which motivated me to write simple compositions in a rather baroque style.

By that time I used to listen to what Wendy Carlos was doing with Bach, old music, Vangelis, Mike Oldfield, Peter Gabriel, symphonic rock and some other things. It was then when I felt attracted by the programming of synthesizers and samplers; MIDI and some audio aspects.

With time, I created my own studios at home. I experimented with what I had and accompanied by good friends.



Helyn Davenport's surreal art slideshow with 191 photos.
Music by Bruno Sanfilippo - Suite Patagonia

A Psychology and Business major from St. Petersburg College in St. Petersburg, Florida, Helyn's work has evolved from her journey through self-discovery and her gift of visual expression to one of today's most widely acclaimed photographic artists. Each of her art pieces express her individuality and artistic talents. With a diversified background that has included Television Production, Marketing and Counseling. Helyn's work has been featured in numerous publications and galleries, winning competitions for her photographic work, has been very rewarding and has enabled Helyn to make numerous contacts around the world.

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Art Photographer


At the beginning of the 90´s, I studied programming sampler and synthesizer, MIDI and some audio aspects with Jorge Haro.

Later on I took a course in Arte11. It was on music composition applied to theatre, cinema, ballet and audio visual media. Given by professor Luis María Serra.

In 1991, I composed my first album "Sons of the Light" which I Finally recorded at my studios with Jorge Haro’s technique collaboration.

The same year, in August, due to the 'Snow National Festival', It was presented in a concert at the base of Cerro Catedral, Bariloche, where I shared stage with Lito Vitale Quinteto, as in other occasions.

"Sons of the Light" was later edited by EPSA Music and distributed in Argentina and some others South American countries.

With time, I searched for new sounds and experimented with every electronic bug that could have been plugged. I composed "The New Kingdom" in 1995. I enjoyed it plenty, though I remember its recording proved to be quite hard at Macondo studios. It was better that way: one learns and has fun.

Three years later, I form ad21music, created exclusively for the edition and online order of my solo and collaborative projects. I have released a new work;"Solemnis" and, simultaneously, my two previous productions

On June 2000, is released my fourth album; "Suite Patagonia". A tribute in which I also used autochthonous instruments, aborigines chants and sounds from the southern fauna.

Bruno Sanfilippo

All titles composed, recorded and produced by
Bruno Sanfilippo at Onyx Studio Barcelona, Spain, June 2003


Floraletricity and Surrealetricity CD's

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Mystery, intrigue, and otherworldy characteristics...these are just some of the terms we can use to describe the nature of Helyn Davenport's portfolio. Helyn has been producing award-winning, traditional images for over 25 years and during the past several years, she has moved her work into the digital realm of the medium.

The majority of the images you will see within Helyn's portfolio will definitely be unlike any others you have observed in the past. The combination of traditional photography and Helyn's masterful implementation of pixel manipulation (digital art) create harmonious balance within her works. Profotos

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Fine Art Photography


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