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The time has come - my final article in this series. I will admit that last month I told you a little white lie. I mentioned that I would be having an in-depth look at some of the artists on Pixiport. Well, that was a sort of a "red herring" so to speak, because I have been secretly preparing a special tribute to a special person.

Pixiport is the brainchild of a remarkable woman, HELYN DAVENPORT - an exceptional Photographic talent, and a remarkable organiser. I am not an expert when it comes to the abstract world, but I know what I like. Helyn can produce images which are more than abstract statements, they are the product of a mind which is always looking for perfection, a mind which sometimes sees the world in a totally different and unique way.

Just take a look at these images - each one unique, but then again, each one harmonising with the others on the page.

Talented Photographers are not rare. However, to be able to devote so much time to helping other Photographers and maintain such a vibrant and innovative site as Pixiport, alongside producing amazing images - well yes, that is a rarity !

The proof of the pudding is always in the eating, as the saying goes, and no matter how good the output, if a Photographer does not earn the respect of his/her colleagues - then they will never be up there "at the forefront" of things.

It is this respect for the works and efforts of Helyn that has manifested itself here today, as a few of her Pixiport colleagues pay their own tributes.

BOB SNELL ( writes "I think that one of the great attributes that Helyn has, is to give everyone she comes in contact with, a very inspirational feeling that they can achieve anything they wish, by working hard at it. I know she has helped me tremendously, to grow as a photographer, by trying new techniques and experimenting with concepts that I would have never thought of, before meeting her. She has made photography a day by day adventure, and for that I give her most of the credit. She has also exposed my work to many, that otherwise would never have seen it."

Indeed, here lies the soul of the woman. We all need to seek attention, to make the world sit up and say "hey you are good." Helyn does this, but she also says "Hey I am not the only good one around here, let me introduce you to some others I think you will like." The Pixiport galleries are littered with Photographers who have achieved so much after having their work showcased here.

MICHAEL DUBINER ( writes "So much of what Helyn does is mysterious and yet wondrous. Some of my favourite work that she has done are the Abstract Images that can be found at

Since my work attempts an accurate representation of the world without idealization, it is a sensual pleasure to view Helyn's mystical creations. Some are amorphous, some contain more detail. Their commonality is the visual delight they create and the inspiration they engender.

Which is what this remarkable woman is all about-inspiration and aspiration. The vast photography offerings on the Internet were not good enough for Helyn. She was stimulated to create something better, something that reflected herself, but also allowed others an alternative creative outlet. And here we have it, PixiPort.

Yes, Helyn's abstract work, I think, best reflects the woman. Simple and yet complex at the same time. Colourful, beautiful and most of all distinctive. "

Maybe there were times over the past few years when "The wheel nearly fell off" at Pixiport, but we have all been through those times. With me, I have a history of abject failure behind me with several of the projects I started ending up as failures, leaving me with egg on the proverbial face. I can only sit back and marvel at those like Helyn who realise that the concept is only the beginning, it is making that concept work that really counts.

SHIRLEY CROSS ( writes "Helyn has been wonderful to me. She has this wonderful site that she maintains, not only for her own artwork, but to promote ours...and in such a beautiful way. I love so many of Helyn's creations, but especially am fond of her recent impressions using lotus blossoms and roses. She also does fantastic abstracts. Helyn has a beautiful soul."

JUDY MANDOLF ( writes "I so admire her industry, enthusiasm and support, all of which she contributes so generously. I have never met her personally but if I did, I know she would be a wonderful friend. Of course, I greatly admire her talent also. It is difficult to choose one favourite image, but I simply love the one of an abstract sort of Harlequin image numbered GB5-12. Each time I look at it I like it more! "

PHIL PRESTON ( ) picks out his favourite images which Helyn has shown on this site.

Universal Path (Landscape photograph) : A golden bending pathway leading into a magical garden of light, shapes and colours, makes me want to explore this place. What lies beyond that bend in the path? It has a wonderful sense of mysteriousness, but is beautifully inviting. Reflecting Visions (Portrait photograph) : I love the composition, colours and balance between light and dark in this photo. A strong and powerful portrait, full of expression, but with a sense of sadness.

A Rose is a Rose is a Rose (Flower photograph) : Beautiful lighting, colour and textures. The overall soft focus is very effective in making the eye wander over the whole image, enjoying the sensuousness of mother nature and the beauty she gives us.

The Kiss (Portrait / Graphic image) : Although about 95% of this image is pure white, it conveys much emotional expression to the viewer in terms of love, tenderness and affection. A simple, but very effective photograph.

Well, what more can I say, except to say thank you to all those who have contributed to this tribute, and to pick out my favourite image of hers. It has to be this one

Why - well because I feel it has so many different qualities. Simple, yet complex. Soft and muted, yet containing a high level of contrast. The more I look, the more I see. To be honest, although I appreciate the majority of the abstract work on Pixiport, I could not have most of it on my wall - it is just not my scene. This one is different - it has that durability that allows the eye to see yet also allows the brain to "relax."

So - the journey has come to an end. I know that I have enjoyed writing these reviews each month, and thank you all for your support and comments. I am sure our paths will cross again from time to time - be good, and "be careful out there .!"

When I read this it brought tears. I thank all of you for this tribute, so very kind and thoughtful.

The best to you Ken, you have brought a wonderful forum that so many enjoyed, may your journey be a very happy one.

PixiPort's artists are my inspiration and my heart.


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